Friday, June 11, 2010

forgotten spaces...

I'm in the middle of scrubbing, sanding, priming, painting and cleaning my new apartment.
It's kind of incredible how much there is to do, even in a small studio space and it's making me grateful that the new digs are only just a studio space. The laundry is located in the basement of my building and thankfully, it's very well maintained and clean.

It got me thinking, the laundry room is so utilitarian it's often overlooked in the overall design plan of our homes.

I have a small laundry nook right off my kitchen in Los Angeles and I decided to add color on the walls, a simple curtain to hide the washer and drier and even had a small picture window put in that overlooks my favorite room, the back yard. It turned a very practical space into a bit of a stylish little alcove.

I hope these inspirational images of laundry rooms will get your creative side excited about using color, art, light, fabrics, accessories and all other design styles you implement in your home, for this sometimes forgotten little space.



Beth said...

Ooh, I love the library-ish laundry room with the black-and-white stripey chair!

Bromeliad said...

Great spaces.

Almost makes me want to do laundry.


mrsben said...

Very nice spaces!

Scrubbing, sanding, priming 'n painting .... now that is what I call ..... MULTI TASKING. :)

Don't work toooooo hard Angelo.

Anonymous said...

so far behind and trying to catch up with my fave blogs.. ie YOURS! i laughed out loud with this one.. as i have saved several of these same pics in my digital design ideas folder!!! great minds! ;)
lost in unpacking & dreaming of redesigning this entire rental house!

Samantha said...

I needed these ideas. My laundry room looks awful!

Leah said...

holy cow, i love laundry rooms, utility rooms...what have you. i love them, i think because of the great laundry room we had growing up....mmmm, i think i feel a blog post coming on. thanks!

Steph said...

Awesome laundry rooms!
There are few things that I enjoy more than a well designed laundry room!
Sad but true.

Vicki Flynn said...

Those are some nice looking laundry rooms!!

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