Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If you have any type of entry and/or hallway in your house, it is a prime opportunity to create your home's style tone and a place to bridge design from one room to another. This is more than a pass-thru--it's a canvas waiting for your creative to start doing it's handiwork!

Sometimes, a small nook, hallway or entrance can act as a safe place to bring your bold design ideas to life. Use these spaces in your home as canvases for what's possible.

The Fun of Eclectic & Dramatic Design.

The Power of Simple & Elegant Style.

The Comfort of Personal & Practical Decor.

The Energy of Color, Pattern & Stripes.



Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

That flocked blue chandelier from Heals gets me everytime! Nice round up, Angelo.

Leah said...

the antler, blue, yellow and white one is so lovely! i also really, really like chalkboards....so.... yuppers, that is probably my fave.

Bromeliad said...

These are the coolest, most unusual foyers I've seen.

Bathroom Vanities said...

I love all these! great combination or colors and elements! plus the graphic details are so sophisticated! great post!

deirdre g said...

Simple, colorful and elegant! Very creative and stylish!

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