Friday, June 4, 2010

national doughnut day...

Please observe it in your own way.



Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Yes, yes, yes! Have a fab weekend, Angelo.

P.S. Have you moved to NYC yet? If so, hope it's gone well buddy!

angelo said...

Thanks Will.

I move in July...going next week to set up.
Good Times. Have a great weekend!

Nick Klaus said...

The maple bacon doughnut at the Nickel Diner might be the perfect way to celebrate today. I'm looking forward to a very fun weekend.

angelo said...

Aaaah Yes! That is a good doughnut and a great diner.
Good choice.

Thomie said...

WHY?! WHY?! Why would you tell us about this Holiday? Now I HAVE to go and celebrate it.


mamagonekrazi said...

All my childhood cavities are coming back to me as I scroll down these pictures!

This aside though, I have just discovered you! I simply loved your designs! In fact I am seriously wondering ordering some pieces from overstock, however, I have some concerns about the fabrics and colors and how they look different in pictures. So I thought I could ask you if you have the time!

Do you think Hepburn armchair clay mango or Davis armless, sun flower chairs would go well with this sofa? Boy I feel rather intimidated asking this question since you may find both of my choices irrelevant to the sofa I am buying! If so, please advise what to purchase with this sofa cause I am in love with it! And I so desperately want to match it with something from you.


angelo said...

Dear Alev-

That is a gorgeous Sofa that you are purchasing. Congratulations.

The pieces from my collection that I would recommend with it are the following:

ALSO, feel free to request fabric samples of any angelo:HOME item from my customer service dept:

All the best and enjoy your new sofa,

L. Jensen said...

Colorful and multiple donuts images are not right.
Incorrect, my friend.

Dee said...

I must agree with the comment above. It is just NOT fair to post so many colorful, delicious looking donut images. You're killing me over here Angelo.

dstoutholcomb said...


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