Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wind chimes...

Just because they are good looking and you don't need an outdoor space to use them.

Hang near an interior window that gets a breeze. It's good stuff.

Anthropologie near 30Rock in Midtown.
NOT my new apartment.

BTW, I was in NY this past week and went to the Anthropologie near 30Rock (no sign of Tina Fey or Liz Lemon---sadness). Have you been to that one? That building is gorgeous. I want THAT to be my new NYC apt. What a fantastic piece of architecture. I kept walking around the space planning on where the kitchen would be, where I'd have friends over for dinner, the bedroom, even the laundry room.

When sales people would walk up to me and ask, "May I help you Sir?" I wanted to say, "Why are all these people in my apartment and when did we set up a cashier station in the guest bedroom? I LOVE IT!"

Well, it was a good dream....Then I went back to my studio apt that I am in the middle of renovating, and quite frankly, was just as happy.

It's New York Baby! ALL GOOD stuff.



Anonymous said...

happy for you.. you sound so excited!

Vicki Flynn said...

I'm glad you explained yourself! When I started reading and found out where you were, I thought...Oh no, he's stalking you know who!!!

Seriously, a beautiful place...and when are we going to get to see pictures of the new apartment?

BTW, I ordered two of the Harlow Mango Floral chairs for a client yesterday and cannot wait for them to get here!! I love love love those chairs right along with the Bogart chair and ottoman...which was what we were going for when we started! :-))

Angel Threads - NCG said...

just thinkin' should have a contest and let all us wannabe designer/decorator types decorate an area of your new abode...just saying...

Best of everything to you are a sweetie <3


angelo said...

Tale of Many Cities-
Thank You...I'm SO excited. Crazy excited!

Thank you for the purchase! Hope they work out and you'll have to post pics as to how you used them!

Great idea, but I have to say, I am truly excited to have a place where I get to have no outside input (HA!).
My job and most of my life is about helping people discover their vision and work in a collaborative process (I love it) but when I'm home---I want to have the luxury of listening to my own vision for me, and believe me, that changes daily so nothing ever truly stays the same in my place!


Trevor said...

That would make one hell of an apartment. See what you can work out. I love the idea of a cash station in my home.

mrsben said...

Wooo, it wud make a great apartment .... until it came to washing the windows that is. :)

Unfortunately we do not have any Anthropolgie stores here in Canada. :( -Brenda-

EJ said...

Positively lovely wind chimes! I love how simple but cool they look!

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