Tuesday, July 20, 2010

devil friends...

handmade in new york city

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The NYC move is still in it's infancy and today a package arrived. Nothing new really since everyday something is arriving, but it's usually a delivery from my local Home Depot.
(Yes, they're in the city and they are AWESOME! More on that at a later date. Have I mentioned by insane and growing love for this city? How could it get any bigger and yet it does daily, even in this weather.)

This afternoon the doorman called and said a small package was at the front desk for me. I'm expecting some stuff, but I know it's not small. I went downstairs and before I could even say anything he said, "I had a really hard time with this one." Hmmm...not sure what that meant and before I could ask, "I could smell the chocolate and it was maddening. Plus, I know this place. It's too good. Somebody really likes you."

Well, yes. Somebody really does (Thank You Tracey & Joe!) but also, DEVIL! Here I was, doing so well today--fairly healthy all day long and now...well, now it's all over.

It's good stuff people. GOOD STUFF.



Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmm..........thank God the only chocolate here is in a choc chip granola bar. Yum, enjoy!

Samantha said...

Welcome back! You were SO missed. I take it you're happy. That, is good news. Congrats on all your move and all things New York City!

Kat said...

Oh my, those look insanely delicious. I can't help but think of the SNL skit with Nicole Kidman, Mike Meyers, and chocolate. "You're the devil"...
Congrats on the move! Sounds like you are thrilled to be in NYC. Kat

StepThruCrazy said...

You had me at chocolate. Dangerous stuff.

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