Thursday, July 22, 2010

shop of the day...

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Walking around New York is one of my all time favorite pastimes.

No plan, no agenda, just walking the streets and stopping along the way.

Today was perfect for that. The humidity has subsided and it was breezy & warm.

Along with the random snacking, there were the random discoveries.

MICHELE VARIAN is a great find of a store in Soho and worth the visit. Great stuff. Bought a few things and probably going back for the chalkboard globe.

It doesn't hurt that it's not too far from Dean & Deluca and their Mocha Frappe. It seriously kicks Frappuccino's butt (if the Frapp had one, so to know what I mean).
Actually, the Frappuccino isn't even in the same category.
I got it with an extra shot of espresso today. There was lots of walking & discovering. Needed the liquid stamina.



mrsben said...

Mocha Frappe ... good thing as we wudn't want to see you dehydrating on us. :)

The chalkboard globe, very cool but not that you have enough on your plate (no pun intended); with the ingredients of a cast off globe, a little chalkboard paint and the artistic talent of a certain Designer I can see an Angelo Surmelis original.
(How's that for a vote of confidence.)


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Wish I was there to walk and discover, too. I love that about NYC. Have you been to The High Line yet? One of my fave discoveries.

angelo said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence, and it's not like it didn't cross my mind (believe me it did) and then the thought "where exactly on your to-do list will that go?" came into focus. Ha! Good times...

Yes, have been there (many times) and love it!
Being in England is pretty swell as well...

Danni said...

Love her web site. Great stuff. Must visit.

M said...

Great NYC tips! Much appreciated. (And hey, that Food Hall at the Plaza -- now that's looking good. At first glance, in a thumbnail pic, you really do think it's the Harrods Food Halls. Nice addition to NYC in any event.)
Nice to be back at your blog for a visit -- I can see I've been missing quite a bit these past several weeks!
Take care,

Thomie said...

Can't wait to go there.
Love the globe!

mrsben said...

You are welcome Angelo.

I was just thinking that the globe wud even be cooler if designed by you but was a map of the Constellations including .... their Zodiac figures of course. Winks! -Brenda-

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