Tuesday, July 27, 2010

village tart...

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Eat Here.


I had the Watermelon Gazpacho with Greek yogurt topping and then a double espresso with their signature carrot cake based on my lovely waitresses recommendation.

Sweet God in heaven! It was the best carrot cake I have ever had and of course it came with homemade ice cream and caramel on the side, because the unbelievable decadence of the cake just wasn't enough. BTW, the gazpacho was delicious.



Beth said...

Could it be any cuter?!

And what a delightful menu, just enough. (I am prone to menu paralysis.)

It's on the list!

Anonymous said...

...ummmmmmm.....yep, that's the sound of jealousy!! :P

Thomie said...

Killllliiiiing Meeeeee!

mrsben said...

Sounds delish! Love carrot cake.
Am told I make a mean one myself (pineapple 'n nutmeg as the secret ingredients) and a VERY wicked cream cheese topping. Not big on 'cold' soup though as we Canuks like it 'hot'!

Thanks for the tour Angelo.
P.S: Must admit your title and the name of the place caught my attention. :)

Bromeliad said...

Now I have an idea for that 25 pound watermelon I haule dhome.

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