Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My twitter friend Beth alerted me to not only this wonderful blog SMITTEN KITCHEN but this crazy good cake. The blog is a food distraction I don't really need in my life but am certainly happy to have and for those of you that don't like chocolate (seriously?!) it offers so many incredible recipes, great writing and photos.

Who doesn't like chocolate? I know, there are people that don't. I have met them. Lovely people, big character flaw. Just saying...

The slight problem for me is that chocolate and all things made with it have become more like what drinking water or having a balanced meal should be, a daily (multiple times per day) occurrence. Since my desire and need for this dietary supplement is consistent, I have decided to not waste it. This brings an interesting dilemma--no ordinary chocolate or chocolate concoction will do. It has to pretty awesome or what's the point?

This cake is pretty much awesome awesomeness AND I can have it's IN the title of the cake, "everyday." It seems to be an order or a polite request. No need to ask or tell me twice.

Recipe and additional mouth watering pictures can be found HERE.



Beth said...

"Lovely people, big character flaw."

You're delightful.

And thank you for the link.

Vicki Flynn said...

Thank you Angelo and Beth!!!! Well, being a great lover of chocolate, this is a must try!! So what if I have to walk an extra mile today! Is it worth it? YESSSS!! Good morning!! :-))

Tricia said...


I think I know what's for dessert for my anniversary tomorrow. 10 years is the chocolate anniversary. Right? Yep. Definitely is.

Thank you, Angelo. ;)

Samantha said...

Wow. Even the batter looks yummy.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Headin' on had me at "cake"

Samantha said...

Who doesn't like chocolate? You know people like that?
This looks too good. I will be making it this evening. Thank You!

mrsben said...

CUTE, CUTE ... Mr. Surmelis. Thanks for my chuckle of the day.
You were definitely in great form when you wrote this .... and oh, thanks for the recipe as well. :)

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