Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chalk it up...


Yes, that is Rachael Ray just hanging out in my living room.
I hope she makes us some burgers. I can make dessert.

Photos: iPhone/angelo:HOME

It's OK to STEAL.
The look, that is.
Words on how it all came about & why, below.
Wooden Chair from West Elm
Really, just another place for me to store more books and magazines. Let's be honest.
Also, these are stackable and a great space saver as well as perfect for when you need additional seating.

Ikea offers a similar look for less.

Oversized Chalkboard from NeoPlex
Go big or go home.
The larger the chalkboard the better it really completes the wall.
It's my similar theory about area rugs, most of us are living in rooms with too small rugs that either make the space look unfinished or smaller than it is. Making a big statement like this is on a single wall can help to add grandness to a space that is no bigger than a hotel room.

Fluted Wood Column from Restoration Hardware
May it's because of my Greek heritage or maybe I'm a sucker for good old architectural interest in a room, but the wooden column and I are very happy together.

Eco-Friendly Baskets from West Elm
Look for interesting weaves, colors and shapes when thinking about baskets and/or storage.
This is another great way to help bring in some character to your room along with function.

You knew Ikea was going to sell something similar for less and of course call it, BYHOLMA.
It makes me feel like saying..."By Mennen." remember those commercials? Maybe not, either way...REEEAALLLY Ikea with these names? Seriously. I love you, but what the what?!

Metal Trunks from CB2
Mixing metal with the natural weave of the baskets not only repeats the theme that is happening here, but it adds a bit of interest. Keeping them in the same color family, doesn't draw attention to just one thing but makes the whole look a little more seamless.

Looking for vintage, flea market and yard sale trunks/storage is also a great way to go.
The ones above are from Three Potato Four.

The Media Cabinet is from ABC Carpet and Home
The place is Huuuuuge...many, many floors of many, many choices.
You really should visit the showroom when in New York.

The why of it all:
There's nothing better than a great meal while watching a great movie. It's one of my favorite things to do in hotel room when I travel, order room service and a movie.

The NY apartment is coming along. Appox all 400 square feet of it is starting to feel like home. The LA pad (Appox 1,200 sq feet not including outdoor space) is now feeling like it may be too big. Ha. No, seriously.

It's amazing how little space I actually really need. When my lease and NY trial period is up on this apt and I have to go looking for the place I will be spending the rest of my New York life in, I may have to alter my plans from the original wish list. I am happy with less room, though a terrace would be nice. Luxurious, but very nice.

Since the room is so small there was the TV dilemma. I wanted it to be big--better for movie viewing and I didn't want to pretend that it wasn't there.

The solutions are many: hide it in a cabinet, encase it in a media wall unit, mount it, and so many others that the kindly video sales associate thought I should know about. All noted. All not for me, in this scenario.

My solution, stick out there in the open and work with it. It's a sleek, modern piece of machinery and partnering it with some rough woods, textures and a good old fashioned chalk board on the wall behind it, offer me the possibility to continue my love of the doodles and to play against the ultra modern feel of my new electronics. You know how much I like "the mix" of things/styles.

Adding the handmade metal and wood console along with a few organizational pieces (baskets and metal trunk) make the space feel more personal for me and the accessories are useful in my space challenged room. The wooden column, which is just another place for my magazine obsession to land, is another way to bring in some contrast for the very large, very shiny, new talking box.

I added the flowers on top of the magazines for the photo, it seriously is a place just for more magazines. It's a glorious sickness, and they say publishing is dead...not in my house!

The great thing about chalkboards is that you can redesign the way a room feels anytime you feel like it. Great fun. I highly recommend them.

More shots of the new pad to come...



Samantha said...

I have always loved chalkboards! Yes, what is up with Ikea names? Thanks for the inspiration. Time to rethink the media room.

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I love this idea, I would want to seal it some sort of way...fabulous

bricarwaller said...

I am so glad that someone else shares my magazine addiction. I'm like a kid in the candy store in the magazine section, or when I get one in the mail (especially the mail it makes the bills a little brighter). I agree with you about the tv, they look pretty sexy now, and a bragging right for most men, to see who's is bigger;) So glad I found your blog. And I soooooo miss you on HGTV, they don't know what they're doing:)

kai said...

I too just found your blog. I love it! This is a great idea since I am over the TV on the wall and I'm not a fan of trying to hide it either. What's the point, we all know it's there. If Rachael Ray makes burgers what will you make for dessert?
Thank You for inspiring me!

Beth said...

On "Selling New York," one of the spaces that was featured used to belong to Annie Leibovitz. It's on 5th Avenue and has a private terrace. A PRIVATE TERRACE. ON 5TH AVENUE.

You should totally move there when the time comes. :o )

You can see it around the 11 minute mark here:

mrsben said...

Just 'quickly' browsing this morning as off and running. (Taking the Grandchildren to Storyland today.) IF I survive it, will be back and play catch-up and take the tour(s) of your apartment. Looks good!

mrsben said...

I survived! (It was a dry-run for Disney World next month.) down to business. Love Rachel (not so much Paula D.) and the chalk board (but not so much T.V. screens). Didn't really notice the pedestal column til you mentioned it as it fits so beautifully in the corner. I have a dislike for corners as they were a discipline measure when I was a child. Spent my fare share of time facing them .. I tell you. Know you probably find that quite hard to believe, but it's true! :)
The storage solutions you've suggested are great and I have to agree with you about the name of the Ikea baskets. BYholma, Bi-polar, bi-opsy etc. etc. I suppose you have to be a Swede to understand it.
Re your 400 sq foot apartment. It sounds like just my kind of space as 'turn me around once and I get lost'. That part of my gray-matter doesn't seem to work too well as I have absolutely no sense of direction. I kid you not.

Thanks for the links, now off I go to check out your more recent postings. -Brenda-

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