Monday, August 9, 2010

good stuff, great cause...

A raffle ticket that is attached to an incredible cause (it's support the end of child labor in the rug industry) and a gorgeous handmade rug? That's good stuff people and something I believe in.

Each raffle ticket you purchase supports GoodWeave’s campaign to end child labor in the handmade rug industry and sponsor schooling for children in South Asia—and gives you a chance to win this exquisite carpet, certified child-labor-free by GoodWeave.

Japanese Floral in Saffron, measuring 8’ x 10’ and retailing at $9,000, has been donated by Florence Broadhurst Handmade Rugs, a collection by Cadrys that translates the Australian designer’s iconic wallpaper designs into rug art. Hand woven in Nepal from Tibetan wool, silk, and natural fibers, Japanese Floral links elegant Japanese influence with artistic poise. Luxe Interiors + Design says the collection “offers an exotic grace reminiscent of the Australian design doyenne’s flair and sophisticated flamboyancy.”

Raffle tickets are $25 USD each, 5 for $100 USD, 12 for $200 USD, and 30 for $500. Tickets are available through September 30, 2010.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo, if you love this rug you should check out

The design used was created by an amazing Australian desinger- Florence Broadhurst which can also be found as gorgeous textiles, wallpapers and more!

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