Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a less painful redo...


My L.A. Kitchen remodel
(refresher HERE and HERE)
was an undertaking that at the time, I thought was accomplished in fairly short order considering the circumstances. Well, my NYC redo took a couple of days!

I'm totally into this downsizing, rental thing!

I like classic B&W tile floors in kitchens. The problem here wasn't the style of the floor, but the fact that it was so old that nothing would get it clean enough. My hands still twitch every time I think about how I kept trying to get them clean. No matter how much I scrubbed, nothing.

Enter FLOR! I loves me the carpet tiles.


And Yes, Vertical Storage is your best friend.
Always. Seriously. Especially in small spaces.

Right outside the kitchen (in the small hallway) is a Flea Market find ($100) that hold additional dishes, glasses and acts as a pantry as well.

Photos: iPhone/angelo:HOME

The old appliances were replaced with new stainless ones from SUMMIT (They're in the Bronx!) from Home Depot AND The small countertop got taken over by
inexpensive butcher block.

This was all about casual, comfortable, realistic design
for the way I live in this space...
...AND of course for entertaining.

Now, it's all food all the time baby!
There are some serious meals coming out of this lilliputian space.

Steal It.

The JURA coffee espresso maker is back at the L.A. Kitchen



Beth said...

SO great! But then, you knew that.

I was so excited for your black-and-white floor. One of my design dreams is to have a black-and-white checkered floor. Sad that it wasn't cleanable. Can you just buy new black and white vinyl stick tiles and go over it?

Not that the Flors aren't adorable ...

And the $100 cabinet in the hallway? You're killin' me, man. Perfection.

Donna said...

I love those IKEA storage jars. I have 1,000 uses for them. Don't you just love their stuff?

angelo said...

Yes, I have always enjoyed the classic B&W tiles and I actually ordered the peel n'stick kind to go over my uncleanable floor---THEN, I changed my mind and cancelled my order. I have had B&W tile in the past (and will probably have it again) so i decided I wanted something a little different. It's always about change.

Yes, those IKEA jars are pretty groovy.

Thomie said...

Very much loving this kitchen. Your style is my drug and I want to know when you're going to do a book. No pressure.

Beth said...

Ah, sure, change. Makes sense.

But I love that you ordered black and white tiles initially.

Also, earlier, I meant to compliment you on your use of Lilliputian as an adjective. Golf claps for you!

Anonymous said...

Great space! Btw, what happened to your dog Baxter?

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Angelo, this is freakin' awesome. Love how you have used the vertical storage to maximise the space. The black wall is fab, too. Nice work!

angelo said...

Dear Anonymous-
Baxter gets to be bi-coastal.

kai said...

I love the whole way your new apt is coming together. It's just perfect. Your L.A. kitchen and home are gorgeous as well.

Anonymous said...

Loving the rental re-do. It just shows what impact can be shown in a small space! Is the move temporary? I missed that part. Loved your LA house too!

angelo said...

Hi Anonymous-
The move is not temporary, the rental is. Due to work, the LA house is my place to crash when on the West Coast. Have a great weekend.

mrsben said...

It would be soooooooooo much fun to go shopping with you!

Samantha said...

OK, I would cook in this kitchen. Well, maybe just stare out the window while having a cup of coffee and dream about cooking. LOVE the look!

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