Thursday, August 19, 2010

the other side...


Just across the great expanse of my recliner and bed is the other side...I know, it's just too much square footage to take in.
Pace yourself. It's ginormous.

I have to go, I'm needed in the west wing.

Steal It.

I told you I had at least one angelo:HOME piece in my new apt.
It will be available this Fall. I'm fond of it for many reasons, the main one being that it fits nicely in a small room (mine) also, it's under $500

If you've never been to Chelsea Market in NYC
I highly recommend it.
So much to eat, see and do.
My Mosaic and wrought iron table was from a shop called
Imports From Marrakesh located towards the back of Chelsea Market.

My pair of wooden lamps were from a street vendor. One of the many reasons to love New York. From street foods to lamps, everything is pretty much available on a curb somewhere.



Jennifer@nicolejanehome said...

Love, love, love your apartment design. The vertical prints are fabulous, and of course, the furniture is perfect!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Loving the blue stripe pillows.

kai said...

When do I move in?

Angel Threads - NCG said...

I just cannot get over the fantastic use of the space provided! The before pics show a small wall before the arched doorway...then, voila! The space is filled, expanded but totally not cluttered! How do you do that??

Polly said...

I love your new sofa. Looking forward to it's Fall arrival. I have to tell you that one of my favorite things about the way your nyc apt is designed is it's simplicity. It seems like livable elegance to me. I've always found the danger with design, when that's what you do, is that it can wind up being too much. Overly done. This is just right. Congrats on your new East Coast life!

DelBene Interiors said...

Hey Angelo, I'm digging the new AngeloHome sofa and the rest of the decor in your EXPANSIVE Manhattan apartment! LOL

BTW, I love looking around IMPORTS FROM MARAKESH! I've been going there for years!!!!


Bromeliad said...

Hey! Finally a sneak peak. Love that sofa. It's your best yet.

Nikki said...

Love the loveseat. Nice clean lines. What will the length be and will it come in black and white vine?

mrsben said...

I am LOVING (not smoozing) this sofa and the decorative nail heads are the creme de la creme added touch. Very chic Mr. Surmelis indeed!

Question: The drapery rod appears to be suspended from the ceiling.
Is it?

Very nice digs and a perfect home-away-from-home. Thanks for the tour (and the various links).

angelo said...

Hi MrsBen-
Thank You!
Rod is attached to the wall (as high as it can go) and it's from West Elm.

mrsben said...

and .... THANK YOU Angelo.

Thomie said...

Are you taking reservations?
Love this space.

Vicki Flynn said...

It looks soooo AWESOME!

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