Saturday, August 28, 2010

perfect weekend...

What are your weekend plans?

It's been gorgeous here in the city the past few days. I'm trying to soak up as much of it as possible since I'm West Coast bound tomorrow for a week.

photo: iPhone/angelo:HOME
8-28-10 7:15am/est looking out my kitchen window

It seems like baking muffins from my tiny kitchen while overlooking the fire escapes may be a good way to accomplish that---the soaking in of my new adopted home. Though it does feel like I've lived here my whole life, hardly any adjustment period.

Blueberry muffins seem like the perfect weekend food to me right now. Well, at least for breakfast. Smitten Kitchen even calls them "perfect blueberry muffins." It's in the title. It must be true and I believe them. Plus, the fruit vendor at the end of my street has been taunting me with crates filled with fresh blueberries for weeks. He has won this round.



Beth said...

I saw her recipe, and I took umbrage – that's right, umbrage! – with her use of the word "perfect" because as far as I'm concerned, the recipe I've been using for years is perfect. Can there be two?!

If you're in the mood for a bake-off, the recipe I use is here:

They freeze really well (though I don't often have any left to freeze), so you can pop 'em in the freezer and have them waiting for you when you return from the left coast.

Beth said...

And here's a better picture of them, to further entice you give 'em a whirl:

angelo said...

Good Day.

Beth said...

I do what I can.

mrsben said...

Just look at those anthrocyanosides (antioxidant chemicals) and .... muffins. Bon appetit Angelo. They look delicious! -Brenda-

kia said...

Now I want to bake. Ugh, you're messing with my head Angelo. Ha.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Nice little view you've got there, A.

P.S. Anything sweet with blueberries is a winner with me! Have a fab week westside.

Samantha said...

I helped turn 40 bushels of tomatoes into sauce. (Or as they say around here, swoash.) It was indeed a beautiful NY weekend.

Vicki Flynn said... blueberry muffins and those look delish...even not baked!!

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