Wednesday, August 18, 2010

round 2...


photos: iPhone/angelo:HOME

Since I was essentially going to be living in a hotel room for about a year in NYC,
I wanted to turn the apartment to the hotel room I have always wanted.
Personal, Comfortable, and designed for a Real Life---Mine.

Steal It:

Grey Wool Rug from Overstock can also do the trick.

Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm is another rustic option.

I figured since I was using one of my small sofas in the apt., (pics of that side of the room later) using one of my recliners as well would be too much like the angelo:HOME showroom.
I would have saved myself a chunk of change, but I didn't want to be any cheesier than I already am. Can you imagine, having friends over and everything is angelo:HOME as far as the eye can see? It would be my version of having giant paintings of myself all over the place.
Apologies to those of you that have giant paintings of yourselves all over the place.

I'm not going to lie to you, it's pretty awesomely comfortable. I have fallen asleep in it.
Not the nap kind of sleep but the kind you see when they film people doing a sleep study with drool and everything. In my defense, when it's fully reclined it's genius.



Beth said...

Paris Hilton has a giant photograph of herself hanging in her living room.

You, sir, are no Paris Hilton.

You have far too much substance.

(If you're wondering why I know that tidbit about Paris - because I'd be wondering - I got sucked into some of the coverage of her when she went to jail a few years back, and part of the filler was shot inside her home.

kai said...


Anonymous said...

i need a budget fairy.... ;)
really great room!

Samantha said...

Nice chair choice.

Love Room & Board. And they have a nice clean bathroom. (Important when shopping in SoHo all day.)

mrsben said...

Fantastic transformation!!!!! As said earlier my kind of space, no need for a big ball of string to prevent me from getting lost. :)

How does Baxter feel about having a chair named after him? I think it would be a nice gesture for you to name the next new design ... TOM (winks). (IF you did though, I would hope he would feel honoured, I know I would be.) -Brenda-

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