Monday, August 9, 2010

steal it...

You may not be living in a home with a large bathroom, or even if you are, it may not look like the ones in these photos...BUT, you can steal some great ideas from these baths.

Short of a major demo and renovation job, these bathroom can inspire some simples ideas that you can use in your own bath, regardless of size:

-Use furniture to warm up your bathroom.
Even a simple wall mounted wooden cabinet for storage can really add a personal touch in a mostly clinical environment.

-Bring in nature.
Warm woods in flooring, walls or furniture pieces will help to make your bath feel less austere and more inviting. Even simple wooden accessories like wooden soap dishes and bamboo bath mats can make a difference.

This is always a great way to pull a space together and the bathroom is no exception.
Even is a small bath, changing out the cold and unattractive overhead light with a vintage/flea market OR yard sale chandelier can instantly give the boxy room immediate character. Adding an inexpensive, paintable ceiling medallion that you can pick up at your local hardware store as well, takes it to the next stylish level.

Just because it's a bathroom, there's no reason you can't use artwork/photos to make the room feel like it's a part of the rest of your home. Sometimes, our design style tends to stop at the bathroom door, use the rest of your home style to guide you in putting your bath together.
Don't think of it as your bathroom. Pretend you're designing your living room--bring in some large carved candle holders, add an ornate mirror, use texture and think of ways to make the space more interesting through color.

-Of course, Color.
I like white bathrooms.
Classic B&W white tile, white carrera marble, etc...BUT, color can be a great way to make your bath a very personal space that is part of your own style.

I know you've heard it before, but there's a reason for works and it's an easy fix.
Change knobs, towels bars, even fixtures. It's a really inexpensive way to make the bathroom feels fresh and new without the cost and time of a major reno.

Be inspired to look beyond the basic box and four walls.
You can do this!


Angel Threads - NCG said...

These are inspiring, Angelo...I have 2 bathrooms to do...MINE! I have the concept in my mind but have to materialize them. I've been purchasing my discount finds along the way. I'm stuck on the actual 'construction' parts...tub removal, tiling, etc. I just hate to contract and sub-contract... you tile, by any chance? only 1 1/2 hrs from NYC...LOL!

Thanks for all your wonderful postings here on the blog! N

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

That first bathroom is a treat. Cheers for the inspiration, Angelo.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i totally want a white bathroom. it's so monochromatic right now, who knew the colors we registered for in curtain and towels was going to match the walls of our now home too well.

Samantha said...

Well, I too have always loved and actually have an all white master bath, but after looking at these pictures and your inspiration I want to spend money I don't have to redo. Thanks Angelo. Thanks.

mrsben said...

The photos you include are always so inspiring. As for your tips; in two words they are 'an awakening'.
Thanks Angelo!

Thomie said...

I'mm off to the hardware store.

Vicki Flynn said...

Just AWESOME...everything!!

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