Monday, August 16, 2010

stop talking...

I'm sure that many have wanted to say that to me, on numerous occasions.

Well, they probably would have been correct.

I too have felt the same way, but how does it get said?

You can blurt it out, but it does seem a bit impolite. Well, today I found these cards. So simple. So to the point and yet elegant as well. I love the typeface and how small it is so when someone receives one, they have to really stop talking to take a look at what it says. Brilliant.

I probably won't use them, still a bit rude, but I'll carry them with me.



Beth said...

You're too kind. There are surely some people who deserve to receive them. So you wouldn't be even a bit rude to hand 'em over.

Though, for the less confrontational among us (Beth raises her hand), I see an application in a corporate setting, in a conference room, when folks take a break. The "offending" party can return to their place at the table and find that waiting for them, demurely.

Beth said...

And I'm sure you're quite wrong that many have wanted to say that to you, on numerous occasions.

I expect I speak for many of your reader when I say that I miss The Daily Tip and your chattiness.

Vicki Flynn said...

I'm afraid to say anything! However, I'm echoing Beth's comment!

Smashgirl said...

Beth says, "I expect I speak for many of your reader when I say that I miss The Daily Tip and your chattiness."

YES! One of the things I like best about you IS your chattiness! Don't go changing...

TDT withdrawls :(

There certainly are people out there that could use a card or two...(too funny Beth about sneaking the card in the meeting!)The other cards are great too... love the Mercy set!

Hope to chat soon!

Thomie said...

Please don't stop talking.

LOVE these cards though. I know a few people that they should be "slipped to."

Kat said...

Oh please don't stop talking! I look forward to hearing about your daily adventures. But these cards really are great. I'd probably not actually use them, but just knowing I had them at my disposal would make my day :)

Silver Strands said...

hahahahaha! Love them! and I think your blog is great!

Samantha said...

These are genius. Thanks for the link. I am off to buy!

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