Wednesday, August 4, 2010

store it up...

An island of style in a sea of storage and organization kind of thrills me.

Yup. Design Geek alert.

Now the idea of storage and organizing just for the sake of being organized bores me beyond belief. What's the point if it's not interesting to look at and it doesn't serve a function for you. I need both, the style and the practical.

So, if you're anything like me and you run for any kind of distraction at the idea of "getting organized" then my friends, take a gander at some inspiring storage ideas that are beautiful to look at and fun to execute. The part of your brain that needs to be creatively stimulated won't be thinking about baking cookies or painting murals on the side of your neighbor's garage if you get organized like this.

TOP 5 Organizing Tips
(that won't bore you to tears since they are heavy on design & style...this is for us left brainers, the rest of you well organized, list making, book alphabetizing kids, take a coffee break but stay close. We may need some help)


An inexpensive bookcase can not only act as the perfect storage solution but if you paint (or even wallpaper) the back of it, all your organized items will look more like display pieces than just boring old files.

Also, adding color, texture, interesting storage bins/boxes or wallpaper to your walls helps keep you organized--a room that you've taken time and money to make look better is one that you are less likely to ignore.


Vertical storage is just swell. Seriously. Use wall space is creative ways to store your stuff. This helps clear off desks, surface areas, and floor space. Also, look for nooks, stairwells, attics, and corners of your home that can be turned into creative storage solutions.


Have a very specific goal in mind.

Ask yourself:
Self, what is the purpose of organizing my room/drawer/closet?

Then, look for creative and fun ways to accomplish the goal. Don't only get stuck in the mundane tasks but add the stuff you actually want to do and treat this goal like you would your favorite decorating or art project.


That is the ever popular nice (pc) word for, get rid of your crap. Seriously.

I'm not going to preach here because we've all heard it one too many times from professional organizers. I know, I know. Your eyes roll back and you start day dreaming about cake when they begin with this thing, but they are actually right. We all have too much stuff and we don't need all of it. Someone else does, so donate it. Sell it if you need the cash.


Order some pizza, wake the neighbors, call the kids. If it's a big job, don't go at it alone. You're likely to get overwhelmed and give up. I've seen it one too many times kids and it isn't pretty. Have a well defined plan and use people's strengths to help you get things done.

Please, do enjoy.


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Organisation is the key to my heart, Angelo!! Even better if it comes in the form of those IKEA shelves with the yellow wallpapered backs. So fun and fresh.

Happy Wednesday!


lindar said...

angelo, i miss you so much. can't wait for your new show!
i'm organizing and editing like mad. only cus i have a dedicated friend. cake, yes, and more cake!!! love your pix. easier to see what your talking about. ;) my grown son, over 30, left me a mess of his stuff. he won't help with it. goodwill loves me. ty so much for inspiration! linda

Anonymous said...

loving the wallpaper in the shelves!
and you're so welcome for the award.. you deserve it! your blog is great & so are you! :)

Thomie said...

I really do not enjoy organizing in any form, but your point of view and inspiration are making me rethink.

dining room tables said...

My mom has a number of storage in our house. I think she has ten storages. Everything inside those storages is so important to her. But I think she needs to see this post. I know that she can get an idea in this post.

mrsben said...

Super tips Angelo!

I am basically an organized person but must admit, as of late I have been editing a stock pile of Christmas Decorations accumulated over a 38 year period. (All boxed, labelled and stored in the crawl space of our basement. "Out of sight out of mind" as they say.) These past few months with much on the agenda, its been a hit 'n miss operation but I'm working thru it. HOORAY!

Inspiring photos! -Brenda-

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