Friday, August 6, 2010

weekend eats...

They say that you eat less during the Summer months.
I'm waiting for that theory to kick in.

Since it hasn't yet, here are some great weekend foods I will be thinking about and probably eating.
I know, I'm on a tart kick as of late--don't ask. I have no answers.

Enjoy your weekend kids!


Anonymous said...

who doesn't love a lemon tart!!

Unknown said...

The burgah looks delish, and I will refrain from any Tart jokes.

Unknown said...

Everything looks amazing!! Not big on tomatoes, but even that dish looks good!

Thomie said...

OMG! I want all of that. Whyyyyy, why do you do this? It's bad enough your designs are drool worthy, but all the food love you have as well is too much.

Beth said...

Yeah, summer, schmummer. I'm sitting here shoveling embarrassingly large spoonfuls of pasta salad into my maw.

Lovely selections, as ever, Angelo. I could go for some lemon tart, for sure.

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