Sunday, September 5, 2010

keep it going...

Wherever you are, I hope that this weekend is giving you, your family and friends an opportunity to settle in and enjoy the waning days of Summer.

For me, it's probably been one of the best Summer's ever. I don't say that lightly. I was fortunate enough to move to my favorite city (new york) and even when it was hot, humid, crowded and the threat of bed bugs at every turn...I still felt like I got hit with a lucky stick (over and over again) every time I walked outside.

Now, I'm back in L.A. for a few days for work (and to see my family of friends) and the feeling of Summer is so swell that I want to keep it going for a little longer.

Well, what better way to do that than food, I say?!

Fresh, tasty goodness that extends that warm weather, breezy feeling from our friends at food52. I say "friends" even though I have never met them or have any affiliation to that blog, but the way I look at it---if you are all about good food and great recipes, then you're a friend.

Also, we all know how our rooms can influence the way we feel.

A great way to keep the Summer look and feeling going a little longer (or even all year round) is with casual decor, crisp whites mixed in with faded ones along with sun bleached woods, bright spots of color and a relaxed feel that makes you want to put your feet up a little longer.

Enjoy your weekend! See you back in New York! -angelo


Beth said...

Ah, the plum cake.

Martha Stewart had a similar recipe years ago. This one on her site - - is current, but it seems much the same as the one I remember. Maybe Martha's starting to recycle ideas.

Anyhoo, it's crazy-good and simple, even if folding in the dry ingredients seems fussy.

Vicki Flynn said...

Well, darn! Angelo, I'm on a diet! :-)) Everything looks so goooood!

Everything's holiday and safe travel back to NY! See ya there!

Samantha said...

I just got back from vacation where there was lots of food and eating. Always room for more. I can add some decorating to the mix as well.

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