Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wait for it...

How are you with the waiting?
Do you consider yourself to be patient?

I envy those who are. It's a trait I can sometimes fake, but I'm not good with it.

We're all familiar with the phrase, "Good things come to those who wait." I'm not convinced it's always spot on for me, except in this case.

One thing that I have been waiting for is the official debut of the angelo:HOME textile collection (bedding, rugs, drapes, throws, pillows, sheets). It's finally here and we're launching on QVC on Sept 27th with a 1-hour show (1-2pm ET) with the lovely and talented host Jill Bauer. I will be joining her to talk about the angelo:HOME line, take your calls and just have a generally swell time. We will be debuting some new chairs as well and I will show those to you later this month.

Can't wait!

Trying to set up these shots above was a feat of engineering and no breathing, but I loved it.

Much thanks:
To Tom for his impeccable Branch Holding Skills
To Gerda for her "Steamy" Ways
To Judy for the Food & Entertainment
To Alexia for her Keen Eye--just one
And of course to IMKee for being an Artist



LaShaune said...

Really loving the Gramercy Park in green and I need a new neutral-ish rug in my living room - so I can't wait to see! No, I have no patience.

Samantha said...

OMG! I have been away, vacation, and now THIS!
OMG! I am SO excited. I love this line. Love it. I want it all, but I only have one bedroom and the fact that you're going to be on QVC is even better. Can't wait Angelo. I too am not very patient. Great new stuff.

Samantha said...

Well, aren't you something?

Congratulations. I also like that Gramercy in green. And the diamond rug.

Did you jump in the pile of pillows after the shoot? I would.

Tre said...

I agree, the Gramercy in leading the list for me in both colors but the westgate in the spice is gaining as well. I really like the look. Great job Mr. Surmelis. I really love the photos, especially the pile of pillows.

Beth said...

Stunning stunningness and awesome awesomeness!

Outstanding, Angelo! Yay, you!

Rob said...

So now I have to watch QVC is what you're saying? I want that gray rug and the blue bedding, striped sheets and if you can come over for a design consultation as well, that would be perfect. Will this line be available anywhere else or only QVC?

Kari said...

I echo Rob's question about where to purchase outside of QVC. I am leaning towards the spice set, though I also like the gramercy park one in yellow and in green. Hmmm. You have now excited me with your design and gave me too many choices which make think I should look for an extra bedroom. LOL. Love your line and your style. Will be watching.

Shannon said...

I already shop with QVC so no problem here. Your new line is gorgeous. Am already the owner of your Harlow Chair in Wendy Pepper Mango and I love it. I think the westgate in the spice would be a fantastic addition. Even my husband looked at this and is into the westgate rug and striped sheets. Love these looks. See you on the Q! I'll try to call in.

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Congratulations! I'm very excited to tune in:)

Lesley said...

I tried linking to the Gramercy bedding with the link you had but it went to your furniture page at QVC. How to I buy the Gramercy line, including the rug and drapes? Thank you, Lesley

angelo said...

Hi Lesley-
Thank you for checking out the new angelo:HOME line at QVC. All the new textiles along with new and exclusive QVC chairs and ottomans will all be available on and on the 1 hour special that I will be doing on Sept 27th.

For those of you that are asking about the line, it is premiering at QVC and you can get these looks along with some others starting on Sept 27th exclusively with the "Q"...that's where I'll be. Watch the show and call in. Would love to speak with you about your own design style and questions.

See you there,

maxwellvintage said...

Wishing you the best of luck and lots of sales
Ciao bello :0)

Taylor said...

Congratulations! looking forward to the show. Love the new stuff. I think Gramercy has me written all over it.

Anonymous said...

LOVE! I am not patient either.

Lauren said...

The new stuff looks so FAB! Great shots and style.

Vicki Flynn said...

Angelo, I did not see one thing that I didn't love!!! Absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see the new furniture!

Dana said...

Gorgeous! I too, can't wait!

mrsben said...

"Do you consider yourself to be patient?" You betcha! A few weeks ago in a comment to Tom, he accused me of being a cynic and I agreed to a point .... as told him at the same time I was also a patient person. Afterall "patience is a virtue" so they say and gee, we ALL can't be perfect nor can I repudiate what I said. :)

Back to the subject of your post; a big CONGRATULATIONS Angelo on you new line. I absolutely love it. Am so disappointed that your appearance on QVC is one day shy of my proposed vacation to Florida (as visiting THE Mouse). I definitely would have tuned in and perhaps got brave enough to call and chat.
Wishing you (and your team) future success in the line. -Brenda-

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