Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yoo-hoo, mrs. goldberg...

I love documentaries. Love them! I  stumbled upon this one on a sleepless  night and I fell for the story, Mrs.  Goldberg and of course Gertrude Berg.  Her courage, work ethic, creativity and  innate sense of right and wrong will  make you laugh, think and maybe even  shed a tear. Incredible story told in a  very entertaining way. Can't  recommend it enough. I'm looking for  my very own Mrs. Goldberg in New  York. -angelo

Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg Trailer from  Aviva Kempner on Vimeo.


mrsben said...

She certainly was one very talented and entertaining lady.

angelo said...

Thank You for the edit check. My dyslexia and less than stellar spelling always need monitoring. Enjoy your weekend.

mrsben said...

You are very welcome Angelo. Re editing and monitoring, on occasion I think in French, thus I often get my english sentence construction back A$$-ward and sometimes my spelling isn't so hot either.

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