Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cool weather, hot stuff...

NEW, swell animal and such gifty things from WEST ELM.

I'm just a fan of all sorts of pottery and BISON
is pretty awesome awesomeness.

The whole web site is in Italian but you can
click on the "english" version.
I don't understand Italian, but I don't need to when
log holders look like this.

SWEET PAUL has all kinds of tasty ideas and cool
DIY projects like the pumpkin light!
PUMPKIN LIGHT! What the What?! Love it.

Paint it Black.
It can bring a room to life!
A dark accent wall, or even room, will showcase your stuff in a whole new way.
I promise.

Need Art? A Cool Found Object?
Check out my lovely friend's blog:
Ruth and her husband Storc are crazy talented and have a great eye for spotting good stuff.

His talent is mind blowing and seriously makes me feel like a loser.
(Fists of Fury Towards the Heavens):
Why Mark Khaisman and your freakish talent with tape? Why?


1 comment:

Beth said...

Humph! I was just at West Elm! Why didn't I see the monkey/elephant/pig/bunny bookends?! I love those.

But not as much as I love the tape dude! Wow. I want a whole wall of giant chairs rendered in tape now.

And oddly, I was just thinking about an artist whose work I saw at the Mart a few years ago, He worked in different colors of duct tape. Did a great piece of Marina Towers ...

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