Friday, October 8, 2010

fall walk...

Took a walk through Central Park during lunch.
It was looking particularly gorgeous today.
Is it wrong to never want to leave the isle of Manhattan?
photos: iPhone/angelo:HOME

How do you feel about the weather getting cooler?

I have so many friends that are not having it. They are longing for Summer to return. I on the other hand couldn't be happier. This is my favorite time of year. Not only am I fan of the weather and all the groovy stuff that goes with it, I'm a fan of the food.

Bring it!


P.S. Lunch was a very tasty Turkey Sandwich, Root Beer and a Brownie from Dean & Deluca.
Another benefit to it not being Summer, layering of the clothes....THAT means more brownies.
My Summer loving friends look like Calvin Klein underwear models. It's OK, their time will come back in Season soon enough. Enjoy.


Rebecca Ward said...

I love Fall colors, food and weather too! I love the crisp mornings and occasional storm. Maybe it's because I'm a California girl and we don't get too many storms. I'm not complaining at all that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are everywhere :)

Beth said...

Fall! Fall, Fall, Fall!

I endure summer solely to get to fall.

Stunning pictures. SIgh, I need to visit. Why can't fall last half the year?

Tre said...

i will be in NYC later today. Cannot wait to go to Central Park. Maybe I'll see you there!

Bromeliad said...

Those are iPhone photos?!?

If the design gig falls through, you could take up photography.

Ken said...

WOW. Great shots.

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