Thursday, October 14, 2010

kips bay decorator show house...

It's lovely. No doubt. Some rooms I am totally geeking out over others, but "his-and-hers massage room?" Reeeaaaally Show House? Really? I know, I's fantasy but can we try to keep our feet on the ground just a little bit, especially when so many people are trying to keep their non massage room homes afloat. Just saying.



Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Angelo!
At first I thought it said "kids" bay...When I saw the pics I had to re-read the post. lol
Absolutely Gorgeous rooms! I'm loving the light blue sofa and wallpaper.

Beth said...

Grass cloth studded with nailheads? Love.

Rubber-and-plaster floral appliqué? Love.

The aqua/foil wallpaper? Love.


The picture hanging on the aqua/foil wallpapered wall? That'll give kids nightmares.

The tower of copper pots in the dining room? Really?

And lastly: egg-inspired artwork? Ah, New York. You can get away with pretty much anything, can't you?

Vicki Flynn said...

I'm loving the rooms, but did get told about my one whole wall that was mirrored on RMS! LOL

Trina said...

I'm with you!

Ken said...

Plenty of nice looking rooms, but nothing inspiring in a real way for me. I agree about the message room. It's completely out of touch with what is going on and how most of us want to live and design. I want creative, stylish, real ways of living in my home.

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