Monday, November 29, 2010

cyber monday...

Good Times Kids!



jen said...

Already shopped it! I got the Davis in red. Can't wait to use it.

mrsben said...

This is so not fare! We don't have Kohl's in Canada nor will
Amazon, Costco, Overstock and CSN
ship furniture to Canada. Ummm, it appears I might have to have a chat with our Prime Minister (Stephen) and see if this situation constiutes a valid reason to either invade your country or join you. :)

angelo said...

HA! I agree, you should speak with Spephen and see what he says. I'd love to have angelo:HOME in Canada--I'm a huge fan of the Country and the people!

Keep me posted on any happenings...

mrsben said...

Shall keep you posted Angelo :) as we would certainly love to have Angelo:HOME here and would welcome you with open-arms.

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