Sunday, November 14, 2010

flor love...

I feel like I should make this point very clear---I have NO AFFILIATION with flor. They don't pay me to say nice things about them or use their product. I've used it for years on various TV shows I've done and even in my own home. I just have a bit of a geeky crush on their stuff (great business and eco story) but the thing I reeeaaally geek out over is the way their catalogue photos are styled.

Do you get their catalogue? You should--Even if you never purchase a single thing from them. The way the rooms are designed is just short of genius--I know, I know. The word (genius) is grossly overused and maybe too strong for what I'm getting at here. The thing is, they get it.

Style, wall color, pattern, surfaces, accessories, layout, fearless design that is modern while still feeling like the new traditional--New yet familiar. Bold and sublte. Also, comfort! Their rooms look like the kind I want to be in and not just because they're great to look at, but because I could actually relax in them. I get to see a truck load of great design because of what I do and I admire so much of it, but it's rare that I actually think to myself, "Yup, I'd hang out there with a bottle of wine and some bread and cheese." Usually I'm thinking, "Sweet Mother of Pearl, how do you sit in that chair without a groin pull and I'm going to need a lot more wine!"

Inspired. Keep those catalogues coming.


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Bromeliad said...

These are all from a catalog? I thought they were from a range of shelter mags.

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