Monday, November 22, 2010

keepin' it simple...

Huge fan here of when style and decor are easy and feel like an extension of the way we live and NOT like a huge production. I appreciate the hoopla and over the top merriment in a department store, but at home--I love it simple.

With that in mind, getting ready for Fall/Thanksgiving here in L.A. was a no brainer.

Even though the weather is not as Fall like as my NYC dwellings, making the house feel like Autumn was beyond simple.

The only thing missing right now? Fall Food. It's on the way!

How do you go about making your home ready for Thanksgiving?

Last year's magnolia wreath from Christmas,
now dried and faded, makes for the perfect Fall/Thanksgiving
entry hall decor.

Adding a golden glass ornament for a little bit of extra Seasonal awesomeness couldn't be any easier.

I like yellow and it can definitely feel Fall-like (instead of Spring) when it's up against my autumn inspired drapes. Plus, a little gnome never hurt anybody--as far as I know.

The simplest of all---orange tulips in the living room.
Instant Fall decor that's a cinch to pull off.



Outside The Lines said...

Simply beautiful Angelo!

Angel Threads - NCG said...

Are those real tulips? or silks? People always ask me at the store where they can get tulips but they are seasonal :( (My gnome is getting a new paint job over the winter...he has spent too many days out in the summer sun) Have a wonderful, Blessed Thanksgiving, Angelo <3 Nancy

angelo said...

Thanks Robert!

The tulips are real--from the L.A. Flower Mart.
Have fun with the gnome painting and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Jen said...

Just beautiful. I love your home.

Samantha said...

Something real and normal from nature is so much better than fakey holiday decor.

Dig your lamps, btw.

Samantha said...

Correction. That's one lamp looking at itself in the mirror.

So . . . dig your lamp.

My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

Tres chic!

P.S. – I’m having a Jeanne d’Arc Living Christmas Giveaway!

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

Samantha said...

Just gorgeous. Love your style. always.

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