Friday, December 10, 2010

awkward santa...

photos from: the daily beast

And now, for that classic Holiday Tradition:

I too have one, I can't find it at the moment, but when I do--
I may not share it.

Happy Weekend!


Beth said...

OK, what's with the albino Santa in the last frame?

I don't think I have any pictures of me with Santa. Mom may have given up trying by Kid No. 3.

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

It looks like Santa wasn't popular on a few of these, and on the others well.... Santa looked like he had a few too many sips of something.

Michael said...

Angelo, thanks for the reminder to dig out my old 1970s Santa photos next time I'm back home in Seattle. Wonderful memories of going to Seattle's art-d├ęco department store emporium "Frederick & Nelson's" to marvel at the Xmas displays and tell Santa what marvels we would love to find under the tree...
Take care,

TL said...

I couldn't love these pics/post more.

Beth said...

Checked with mom: She said she took me once when I was 2 or 3 and I stood there and screamed at the sight of Santa, so she never tried again. She figured it wasn't worth putting me through that a second time.

I appreciate that she didn't plop me on the scary man's lap and insist on a picture anyway.

Bromeliad said...

Screamingly funny. The whole Santa thing is a little weird anyway when you think about it.

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