Friday, December 3, 2010

holiday sale...

and FREE Shipping!

All Photography: IMKstudio



Beth said...

Ooh, that's an exceptionally good deal for the comfy Baxter ottoman and chair. I have it in brown, kids. You should, too. (Or in black, if that's your thing. Then again, you should have any and all of Angelo's pieces. They're good stuff.)

And free shipping? Score!

angelo said...

Thanks Beth! Too kind...
Glad you are enjoying the Brown Baxter.

mrsben said...

I'm still waiting for 'Stephen' to call me back. Winks ..... Brenda

TL said...

Great Sale Angelo.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my.........Davis Vintage Floral Chair combines gray and beige. I have been wanting to paint my walls gray so much lately but have a "cobblestone" colored huge sectional
that is not going anywhere. I plan on using my tax refund to get a LCD tv and when I do, I will have room for a small chair. It's now on my wish list.

angelo said...

You can combine a shade of gray on your walls and still make the sectional you have work. The Davis Vintage floral chair can help to bring it all together. You can add some pale blue and green (I see you have already have a few green accessories) to the mix to finish it all up. You can even add an area rug over the carpeting to tie it all together.
Share pics with us when you're done!

angelo said...

Also Jill-

As an FYI...the Vintage Floral pattern is available on an arm chair as well:

Anonymous said... the arm chair as well. Thanks for the tip. Absolutely love your furniture line Angelo!

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