Saturday, December 18, 2010

more easy holiday...

A Traditional Holiday Color (like Red)
Can Feel Fresh & Modern When Partnered with a
Crisp White & the Theme is Repeated for
Contrasting/Graphic Effect.

Don't Forget to Light Up the Outdoors Even if You're
Only Dealing with a City Balcony AND Be Creative.

Decorating with White Doesn't Have to be Thought of as Dull.
It's All About Context & Repeating a Theme
to Make a Powerful Style Statement.

Yes, It's Awesome.

I Have a TON of Paint Chips.
If You Have Acquired Some Over the Years, Put Them to Work.

A Simple Wicker Basket Becomes a Spiffy
Alternative to the Tree Skirt.

A Hardware Store Galvanized Bin is a Stylish Stand-In
for the Basic Tree Stand. AND, It Can be Used Year Round
for Other Endeavors...

You Can Still Use Your Fountain for a New Seasonal Purpose.



Beth said...

Ohmygosh, I'm flipping out over the paint-chip ideas! Brilliant!

And I love the branches in the vase with the simple ornaments. I just said, out loud, "I've always been very fond of twigs." Kind of like animals in dapper outfits.

Brigitte said...

Wow!! You have a blog! You are my absolute favorite designer. I still dream of that white bathroom you did with the venetian glass mirror! Stunning. Loved your Christmas special and used many of your ideas. Hopefully HGTV will once again become more of a design channel than a real estate channel and we can see more of your work....till then I will just visit your blog!

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