Thursday, December 2, 2010

my swell holiday stuff...

part 3

HOW, How I ask of you and anyone reading this, can you not enjoy The Holiday Cookie(s)?
I actually know some rare peeps that don't--it's troubling, but we carry on.

If you are of the ilk that partakes and enjoys the Holiday cookie as well any any kind of baked thing, you will definitely love



Beth said...

Who are these friends of Angelo who do not like cookies?

Explain yourselves!

:o )

Michael said...

Angelo, you get the prize for posting THE blog feature to officially capture the mood of the Christmas season -- great stuff.
I usually need no prompting to get into the Xmas season, but what with all the snow and sub-zero temperatures in central Europe right now, the enjoyment aspect of Xmas has gone missing a bit. But I'm hitting the Xmas Market here in Stuttgart tomorrow, so that'll be festive. You've got to see the German Xmas markets at some point. I mean, there's Christmas, and then there's a GERMAN Chrstmas -- gorgeous!
Have a great weekend,

angelo said...

It really is an AYKMWT moment every time I am reminded of their non-cookie lovin' ways.

It sounds awesome (Christmas in Germany)! I have always wanted to do that. I was born in Germany but left for Greece before I was a year old, so I have been trying to get back to visit. One day when work is not as looming, I will partake.
Enjoy your Holidays!

Anonymous said...

OMG, yum! Do you still have your Christmas Cookie Partay Angelo? Or is that only in LA?

Happy Holidays!!

mrsben said...

You'll never know what a great inspiration this was to me Angelo.
The light bulb went on :), and guess what my daughter is getting in her Xmas Stocking from Santa? If you guessed cookie cutters you're RIGHT. (Sorry I don't have a prize for you.) After 36 years a gal starts to run out of ideas and I am not about to give all mine up, just yet. She'll be prepared for next year. So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! -Brenda-
P.S: Now that you are a part-time New Yorker, do you plan to be posting any pics of Holiday storefronts? I suspect some of them are pretty amazing at this time of the year.

angelo said...

I'm glad this post inspired some gift giving! Who knew?!
Thrilled I could help.

Yes, I plan on taking some pics when I get back to NYC later this week. Stay tuned...

Bromeliad said...

Mmmmh. .. . cookies.

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