Tuesday, December 21, 2010

soul mates...

It's not often that you meet someone that "gets it."

Truth be told, I wasn't ready for this type of relationship. I wasn't ready to expand angelo:HOME to real live brick and mortar stores yet. I was happy with us finding our place on the internet and eventually down the road (way down that road) possibly opening a few small angelo:HOME stand alone concept stores across the country.

Then I met Eric Easter. Tom (my friend and manufacturing partner) and I were at an industry event and Eric was at our table and is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Kittle's. His passion, enthusiasm and straight out caffeine-fueled joy for everything he does grabs you and makes you want to live better. Tom did what he does (expert salesman that he is) and I was happy to sit and enjoy the meal and get to know Eric. By the end of our dinner Eric said he wanted to work together and I wasn't sure how but I knew I wanted to get to know more about Kittle's.

The company is all about great furniture and bedding for all.

With stores in Indiana and Ohio they have been family owned and operated since 1932. Those are the facts, just the facts and nuts and bolts of the company. The thing that sold me from the first day I flew to Indianapolis and walked the showroom floor was the heart. Every person I met told me a story. They not only loved working for the company and the family, they all LOVED Eric. Some spoke about him with tears in their eyes and how he championed what they did, how he was there during their fight with cancer, how he cared so much about the customer and how they were being served during and even more importantly AFTER a sale.....I could go on and on.

I was sold. What could I do to be a part of something like this? They all love furniture, making the customer a part of a family AND they love baked goods?! Sweet Mother of Pearl...AYKMWT (Are You Kidding Me With This)?! I was in.

We set up the first national angelo:HOME store within a store at all their locations, with the help of their phenomenal visual display team, and we decided to partner up for some commercials and stuff to get the word out.

I am so proud and excited to be a part of the Kittle's family. I raise my butter cookie (yes, there are a few here at my desk) and my coffee mug to all my new friends at Kittle's!



Beth said...

For someone who says he's not comfortable on camera, you sure do turn in a hell of a spot! Well done!

Beth said...

P.S. You were such a cute kid!

Linda said...

I am so very looking forward to this partnership. I am a fan of both you and Kittle's. I love you style.

Sondra said...

Thank You for sharing this and for introducing me to Kittle's. They sound like a wonderful store. I have been a fan of yours since your TLC Clean Sweep days and have watched you grow and get better. I love your sense of style, enthusiasm and passion. Also, I am the proud owner of a pair of Harlow chairs in the mango floral as well as the Westgate bedding, in orange. Loved you on QVC!

I am interested in visiting a Kittle's store and hope to "run into you" there. Ha.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Karen said...

YAY Angelo & KIttle's.

Can't wait to check out the stores.
Happy Holidays Angelo!!!!!

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