Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Using the color Blue has almost become a running joke amongst my friends. It used to be green, but for the last few years greyish blue keeps showing up in my work.

I think one of the reasons I am drawn to it so much is that I view it as a neutral. Almost everything looks great up against the appropriate hue.

Here are a few examples of my blue period and how you can make the color work for you in your own makeovers.

(all photos: iPhone/angelo:HOME)

It sounds so self absorbed to say, but I love this room. Ha!

Adding a few reflective surfaces, antique lighting & tables, accessories, artwork, along with their own beautiful damask chairs helped to complete the Living Room.

This master Bedroom makeover was truly about helping this couple go from basic to a relaxing modern style.

This Master Bedroom was a ginormous challenge since the couple (who are awesome awesomeness, btw) work in the luxury hotel world. They stay and work for some of the most coveted hotels.


Beth said...

I'm sitting here, pondering blue.

When I was quite young, my bedroom featured a lot of yellow. That was my mother's doing, her favorite color.

When i was a bit older (and was allowed to pick out what I wanted for my room), most of my choices involved blue. Blue with a lot of neutral, but still: blue.

These days, I'm mostly about green, having settled in a compromise location on the color wheel.

I keep thinking about doing a blue space in this house. I really do like greyish blues. Maybe I should paint the guest room. Again.

EFT for Cancer said...

I think I also feel in love with the greyish blue color and theme. It goes perfectly well at any room!

M said...

Beautiful visuals here; great choices. Especially regarding that third picture with its Wedgwood blue -- it'd be like living in a piece of Wedgwood, and that's a compliment; there's hardly anything more refined and timeless and pleasantly antique than Wedgwood's trademark color scheme and Grecian designs.
Take care,

Unknown said...

Blue is my happy color. It makes me smile, feel peaceful, and reminds me of all things good. It frustrates me that when I am shopping, it is the one color that I have problems finding..thanks for this post..lovely loveliness.

Emily V. said...

Omg!Love all of it! I want more pictures! So gorgeous!

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