Sunday, January 9, 2011


There's no mystery to my love of coffee and all things design.

This place in Portland, Oregon combines both so seamlessly that I am at a loss for words.

I will let their own bio on the web site "about" page do the talking, along with some of their fantastic photography by Jelani Memory.


In 2009 Matt Higgins was determined to live out his dream of roasting coffee for his community of family and friends. With a pocket full of barista tips he purchased a coffee roaster from an East Coast church group cafe. It wasn't a far trip to the backyard roasting shop of his house where each batch was roasted.
Best friend Keith Gehrke joined Matt at Coava January 2010. The duo met while working together as baristas. Keith adds five years of roasting experience working for companies in Seattle and San Francisco Bay.

After a year of roasting for local coffee bars, Coava established a roastery and coffee bar located in SE Portland. With a focus on single origin coffees, Coava Roasters aims to provide quality coffee and the knowledge for optimum brewing techniques.

COAVA = Turkish for green coffee pronounced ko-vuh
Found in the Travels of William Biddulph. This work was published in 1609.



TL said...

What a beautiful looking space. I want to go!

Shannon @ Holly & Martin said...

I love all things orange right now, and I especially love them with pops of turquoise and teal!

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