Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What can I say, I love the color orange.

I love oranges, fresh squeezed orange juice, orange flavored fizzy sodas, creamsicles, the list is long people.

Suffice to say, that I think orange is truly a color that is not used enough in all things.
So, when you're looking to update your room in a big or small way, give it a try. Remember, all color is not created equal and just because one hue or orange isn't for you...that doesn't mean you should give up on it. There are SO many version to choose from.

It's gray and cold out side. A little orange, will do you good.

This runner and stripe along the stairway is just killing me. In a good way. You can feel the crispness and sense of fun in this home. Don't you want to know these people? I do. Let's invite ourselves over for coffee and cake.


Awesome Awesomeness. The bold choice of a graphic pattern with the two orange planters not only update this stunning room, but they really create a new classic look.

Partnered with classic architectural detailing as well as some earth tones and creamy whites, this look is a stunner. C'mon...how could you NOT be in a good mood in this house?!

Of course, my favorite neutralizer, gray, makes the orange work in a contemporary setting without feeling austere. I love the look of clean, streamlined style...just not a fan of my room looking like a museum. Imagine this space without the pops or orange. Can you see how flat the whole room would look? This manages to stay modern while still welcoming you in. I'm all over it. The only thing missing is a mug o' java.

If you're tired of your dining table, just freshen up with some new chairs. Even just 2 new ones at the head of the table will do the trick. They all don't have to match! These burnt orange leather chairs enliven the dark wood table as well as give a great updated feel. The orange pattern on the rug and a few accessories that pick up on the vibe don't hurt the scene either.

I love these people.


Not the subtle type and a great use of the color. The balance of traditional architecture with the modern color and house numbers are the perfect combination for great design. I'm coming over...

My twitterfriend Beth is not a fan of black with yellow....thus spake Beth, or something like that. I'm sure she'll correct me. She's a writer. She has editing Tourette's like I have design Tourette's---it's all good times. I don't know how she will fell about black and orange. I know that many of you will say it feels too Halloweeny. I know. Get over it. It rocks! Look at these rooms, kids. I implore you. The look is classic especially when it's a traditional setting. It may not be for you, but you can't deny it looks incredible in these spaces. The key to making any bold statement work is understanding balance and making the commitment. The way to do that, is to do it. The more you try, the better you will get at really seeing what works and what doesn't. I don't believe in a one size fits all recipe decorating. Make a personal statement in your home. It's your's!

Aaaaah White.

It's just the great uniter. You can never really go wrong when you use it, especially when you're thinking about using a bold color as part of your decor.

Apparently, I have a huge orange crush because when I was pulling photos together for this blog post, I came across waaaaay too many products and makeovers that I have designed using orange. This is actually a VERY abbreviated listing. Sweet Mother of Pearl!



MJ said...

I completely agree...Im in the planning stage of a bedroom makeover. Its currently a nursery (sacraficing my room to baby #5. lol) and its dark so I want to go white/grey and thinking that orange would be that perfect pop. Bravo!

Beth said...

In my mind, the fab orange "30" front doors open on to the foyer with the staircase with the orange runner and stripe. We should invite ourselves over for coffee and cake, indeed.

What a fun post, Angelo. Interestingly, I'm more of a fan of orange and black than yellow and black. Maybe because orange is a secondary color. Or because I have fond memories of Halloween as a kid. Except for those orange- and black-wrapped peanut butter kisses. Those were just bad. They still are.

But the image you posted of the foyer with all the moldings and the botanical prints on the walls? I love the black detail that lives inside the white moldings and echoes the frames. Ties everything together. Good job, person who did that!

Anonymous said...

I love all your designs no matter the color. I plan to use some orange accessories in my blue bedroom.Wish your show was still on HGTV in lieu of so many real estate programs. Thank goodness we can see your work online.

Tammy@InStitches said...

I'm a fan of orange too, especially love it with gray and white. Your bedding is lovely !

Samantha said...

That chevron rug is downright juicy.

I like the Moroccany-y vibe of your sheet set.

Karen said...

I could definitely do orange. Great pics and designs.

red ticking said...

i love orange as well... in fact, i buy net filled bags at the store and fill bowls with them... i never eat them all but they make me so happy i love having them around.. the fragrance and the color are intoxicating and happy.

so happy to have found you... happy new year... xx pam

TL said...

I love orange. Great post. Your bedding and chairs are gorgeous.

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