Monday, January 17, 2011

shelf love...

Who doesn't enjoy a good shelf? I love 'em!

I spend hours thinking of new ways to use shelving and storage throughout my home and in my makeovers. I know. It's silly. I can't help myself.

The way they can add architectural interest to a boxy room is exciting to me. Plus, I love that you can use your shelving as a way to personally curate books, artwork, collections or anything else. Also, you can keep changing the look of the room by moving and organizing the items on your shelves in a new way! Perfect for a guy who is constantly moving the furniture. Moving books around on a shelf is much easier on the back.

In my day, I've done a few makeovers now and then that involved said shelving.

Here are a few example of what I am talking about.

This dining room had a tiny closet and a whole lot o' potential. The bachelor pad was going to turn into an entertaining space with bar storage that was not only blingy, but a little unexpected. I crashed through the closet and kept crashing to open it up completely. I designed a built in bar/storage/buffet area and filled it with glass tiles, hand poured concrete counter, custom built cabinetry and floating glass shelves--Not a look for everyone, but perfect for the guy who lives here.



Beth said...

Love the first sentence!

And so nice to revisit some of your shows. I miss 'em.

Anonymous said...

so agree! having lived in many a miltary housing, & rentals.. so wish i had discovered the convenience & versatility of elfa shelving, much sooner! :)

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