Thursday, January 6, 2011

snuggie origins?...

A Store You Should Check Out.
Here's a small sampling of their unique perspective.

All three items above are Icelandic.
Cold breeds creativity.

They're pricey, but they look like jewelry.

It's beautiful just hanging out in the open.

They get softer with each wash.

This is too much awesome awesomeness.
It creates cutting and serving all in ONE action!
You press down on the cake with the cake server and cut
the perfect piece of cake. By lightly squeezing the handle,
you can lift the piece of cake, then release it on your
guest's plate. What the What?!

No trouble filling this puppy up!



Unknown said...

I'm with you on the kitchen gadgets and umbrella stand. But the snuggly stuff . . . no, thank you. All that's missing are some feathers. (Remember olympic ice skating, Angelo?)

Hey, speaking of that, I recently read that Vera W used to ice skate. So that explains the connection. But not the feathers ;)

angelo said...

I'm with ya Colleen. I just found it fascinating to look at (in a omg are you kidding me with this?! sort of way).
The gadgets and umbrella stand, I'm all over that!

Makes sense about V. Wang and the Olympic men's Skating outfits. It still needs to stop. Ha.

Nancy said...

Think they might make those linen baby shoes in big gurl sizes? I love those! Great finds! N

Beth said...

I don't have much call for a bottle opener, but I want one of these. And the baby shoes are far too cute. And how the hell has no one ever thought of the stand umbrella before now?

TL said...

I am laughing so hard at those blankets and hats.
Thank you so much for always making me smile. I am sooo in love with the umbrella idea. How do you find this stuff?

mrsben said...

U-N-I-Q-U-E!!!!!!!! -Brenda-

Jennifer said...

I love this post!

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