Tuesday, January 4, 2011

time to get sunny...

When I was a kid we always had a yellow kitchen. No matter where we moved to, my Mom would always paint the kitchen a bright sunny or muted butter yellow. I remember thinking I wanted her to try a different color just to be different, but yellow it was.

I've grown very fond of yellow, very fond indeed. I use it all the time in my designs from furniture to rooms. It can really transform a space. The right hue and balance of the color can
turn the ordinary into the biggest "WOW" room you've ever seen.

It's Easy.

Ready to paint ceiling medallions from your local hardware store can be hung on a neutral wall for an easy, no-fear way to add the bright stuff. Follow that thought with a new accent pillow and a few other accessories and you've got yourself a new living space.

Awesome awesomeness all the way around.

Don't feel like pulling a yellow cab into your home? Use the shiny chrome stuff in your furnishings. A little goes a long way, but don't wimp out...make it a bold statement,
follow through with purpose and watch the room take off!

The graphic punch of white with yellow can't help but make you feel better. Seriously. I'm telling you that if you put that combination in your room (add a bit of black or dark woods to ground everything) you're going to fall in love with your space all over again, or maybe for the first time.

They key is balance.

If you're not sure or just beginning to feel like you can make bold color choices, start out with a color palette you are comfortable with. Then, start adding the bolder choices in ways that are
simple (i.e. throws, area rugs, pillows, lamp shades, accessories, etc) as you begin to see how your room feels more balanced, you'll gain more confidence in your decisions. The best way to know what works is to try it--planning, sketching and making a paper layout can only take you so far.

You already know about my love of stripes and here they're used to awesome effect.

Adding the crisp white and the right amount of dark gray balance the whole room out.

New Traditional in a dramatic yet familiar way. Even though the rooms here may not be for everyone, they are a great study in how color can really set a mood. When going after a bold color statement, it's best to really embrace it--when you do, it feels deliberate and right. When you don't, the look seems unfinished and unsure.



Beth said...

This post made me smile. Growing up, we had a yellow kitchen, too; mom's favorite color.

And I dig yellow and grey together. Yellow and black disturbs me, but knock that black down to a grey and I'm all about it.

Remember that RMS episode with the couple with the living room in which you put in the French doors to the little patio you guys created in the front of their house (after she cut down the tree)? Wasn't the kidney pillow on the couch yellow, with a grey bird on it? It was quirky and cute.

angelo said...

"Black disturbs me."
Ha. Love that. Charcoal Gray (or Grey if you're so inclined) it is!

Yes, I remember that episode well.

Hurray for yellow kitchens. Yellow also makes me hungry. Well, almost everything makes me hungry.

Beth said...

Well, black on its own doesn't disturb me. I love black. But black with primary colors really bothers me. Black and yellow? Too bumblebee. Black and red? Too bad '80s flashbacks. Or '50s, depending. I wasn't around then.

I'm happy to see the bird pillow again! And I love the ceiling in that room.

Speaking of yellow and hungry, the next time you're in Chicago, you should visit Yolk: http://www.yolk-online.com/

Good eats, and the name is fun to say.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, I want a barn door! Here are my faves:




Karen said...

I have never really been a fan of yellow, then I saw these photos. WOW. It's time to re-think.

Samantha said...

I'm too shy for yellow. But yellow with lots of grey? Hmmmm.

Donna said...

I bought that Gramercy Park bedding a year and a half ago and am about to buy another set just in case mine ever wears out. I love it...so fresh and clean and gorgeous. Everyone who comes to my house comments on how much they love it, and they comment every single time they come to the house.

Yellow is an accent color in every room of my very small space. Love it with red, with orange, with green with turquoise......could actually save time by just admitting I LOVE yellow with everything.

Miss your show Angelo. They are rerunning it on HGTV and I tivo every episode. Just watched the indian bedroom and it absolutely blew me away all over again. Thank you!

angelo said...

Donna- Thank You SO Much for Your Kind Note! It's so great to hear that you love the Gramercy Park. Yellow is such a great vibrant and happy color to have in your home and I'm with you---I too love yellow with everything. Ha! All the best, Angelo

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