Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Quite often the term "contractor white" or "apartment white" is used, in a way, with many of my friends that always make me chuckle a bit. Their lips turn down and they even shudder a little when they say it. I understand what they are trying to convey, but honestly--I haven't met a white I didn't like. It's all about context.

Don't get me wrong, color is a big part of my life and designs, but I geek out over the use of white in a room and making it feel less than ordinary.

It can go from making your room feel crisp, cool and modern to soft, earthy and classic. There are so many hues and textures to play with that it's ginormously unfair to ever call white "boring."

Below are some example of the color in question making it's point,
"Please stop shaking your head when you speak of me. I can see you doing it. I'm IN the ROOM!"


Anonymous said...

i agree.. secret to using white is all about texture and interest! been away from blogland for a while.. but happy to be back and view your inspiring posts! :)

TL said...

I never really liked white walls. These images have made me rethink.

Beth said...

I always thought I would live in a predominately white interior. And then I bought a house that was predominately off-white inside. So the only logical way to make it my own was to paint everything various colors.

Except for my kitchen, which I took from oak-cabinet overload to white. Kitchens should be white.

Anonymous said...

my favorite way to use white: I LOVE simple white curtains and/or sheers!!!

Samantha said...

I love white. As you say, it's crisp and adaptable.

Garden Forum said...

White symbolizes purity and eternity.
Simple color yet so attractive.
Nice interiors.

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