Monday, February 14, 2011

bookey books...

I like books a lot but I think I may like bookstores more.
Hmmm....I'm shallow that way.

Anyway, here's a great one in a swell part of the city.
Plus, the staff is quite nice.

Oh, they have a cafe on the premises--bonus points for that.


Here's what they say about themselves (from their website)

McNally Jackson is an independent bookstore in New York City. We aspire to be the center of Manhattan’s literary culture: Witness our events, our two floors of books, our engaged staff. Not to mention our bustling cafĂ©, because what, after all, is reading without coffee? Yes, we arrange our literature by nation, but we’ll be glad to help if you find yourself lost amongst the Europeans. (We sell travel guides, too.)

In 2010, you can’t be the center of any kind of culture without being online. Whatever your bookish preference—e- or otherwise—you can now shop McNally Jackson from home. Start searching at the top of your screen, or have a look at what we recommend. We deliver throughout Manhattan and will happily ship anywhere in the country. Elsewhere, you can find us blogging on tumblr, friend us on facebook, and follow us on twitter.

Of course, we’d much rather see you. We’re at 52 Prince Street, between Lafayette and Mulberry—steps from the from the Spring Street 6 stop, Broadway-Lafayette on the BDFM, Prince Street on the NR, and the Bowery JZ stop. Say hello.


Beth said...

Mmm, I love bookstores. So much possibility.

I was just looking at my shelves yesterday thinking, "I need to thin those out." It's hard for me to part with books. But then, I suppose, that just means that I get to buy more!

Debbi said...

I love this place. See you there.

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