Sunday, February 27, 2011

brooklyn shenanigans...

Margaux saying things

Somedays are the kind you wish the whole week was made of. Sunday, was one of those days. My super groovy friend Margaux and I have known each other since our Clean Sweep days. She was a producer on that show and we became fast friends with wicked silly (i.e. embarrassing) stories about each other. She has risen to new impressive heights, but she's mad talented so no surprise there. Now that we are both living in the same city (she's in Brooklyn cause she's THAT cool and I on the Isle) we have a new place to create all sorts of fresh and embarrassing memories. Good Times, I say.

This past weekend we snacked it up, and flea marketed it up (go with it...). I wanted to share a few great finds from that trip.

1) FLUXproductions a Brooklyn local artist has beautifully hand crafted leather goods and clothing. The felt bags are insane good. The pics don't do this stuff justice.

2) POP CHART LAB is more Brooklyn hand crafted goodness. Who doesn't love a good t-shirt about delicious beer, I ask you? Plus, their posters are swell as well.

Enjoy the Brooklyn Flea Market when you're in town, (plenty of good eats there too--blog on that some other time) or partake of your own local Flea and support the resident artisans/crafters.



Anonymous said...

makes me so jealous to see such great flea market, so far away! :P

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

looks like a total sweet arse day. love her mmmmm, delish to say. and that flea market...get outta dodge, i'm drooling.

TL said...

I want to go! Thanks for the links.

Samantha said...

Haven't been to the B-Flea in ages.

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