Monday, February 21, 2011

just right...

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing that I do not love about living in New York. I hate to say it, but I don't miss L.A. (except for my friends there). If I could transplant the people I love to the isle of Manhattan, life (for me) would be as close to perfect as possible.

Then, I take a look at the beauty of this L.A. home and how it's "just right" and think--if only L.A. felt more like a real city, I could get used to this.

But I guess you move to L.A. to escape the big city. Well, this couple has done that beautifully.
There are many design lessons to walk away with in this place. Enjoy the views.

You can read the full article with pics HERE.



Beth said...

I literally gasped when I saw the chandelier! Love it!

And based on the time I've spent in L.A. versus the time I've spent in New York, New York wins, hands down. No contest. L.A.'s not even in the race. L.A. is still on the blocks when the race is over. It's so ... sunny. And downtown L.A. is so lifeless compared to any other big city I know, though I hear it's coming back to life.

Of the two, L.A. is a destination. New York is home.

angelo said...

You are correct!

Vicki Flynn said...

How lovely! Very LA! My Mom lived in the LA area for years and I loved it when we visited....BUT, I've been to New York and agree that it would be awesome to live there!

I love the chandelier, too! :-)

mrsben said...

I too love the Sciolari chandelier!

Bromeliad said...

Gorgeous. I want a cello in my living room.

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