Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's kind of been a dirty word (neutral), right?

Maybe it's because the perception is that being neutral feels like we're not talking a stand. In design, you know I feel that you should take chances, risks, go for the unexpected (as the blog post below bellows out), so how could I possible be flip flopping on the issue?

It's because I believe in design risks that I am also in favor of neutrals. Every star needs a straight man (woman) to help them shine even brighter. Random risks all piled together in a room wind up looking more like a mess than exceptional, even when they are. Look at your rooms as if you're the curator of your own art collection, not precious, but thoughtful and balanced.

A simple, classic, neutral sofa gives a great base for taking chances with prints and colors in smaller pieces. A simple leather storage ottoman not only acts as the perfect place to put your feet up, without worrying about the damage, but it's another neutral, functional piece that can let you add that great bold color on the wall, or the ornate and showy antique console.

Just like in life, your great home style is all about balance and moderation.


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mrsben said...

OMGoodness, I love, love THIS Harlow chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The paisley is sure to be a winner.

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