Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this is kind of cool...

It's a tablet that is supposed to take the place of pen and paper. That's it. You can take notes, make sketches or scribble away and then save or delete them.

No apps. No games. No books or magazines stored---Just simple notes and doodles. All for $99 available this June. I may have to rethink my aversion to technology.

More info at NOTESLATE.

Good Times.



mrsben said...

I agree, totally COOL! -Brenda-

Kat said...

This looks pretty interesting. Can you download the content to your computer? I can see this being a huge help. I'm writing a book, and I'm tired of scribbling ideas on napkins and scrap pieces of paper, then trying to make sense of them! Kat

angelo said...

Hi Kat-
I didn't see anything on their web site that mentions anything about downloading, but they do mention that you can send what you write/doodle. So maybe you can send your content to your e-mail/computer.

Tianne Haines said...

It is like a traveling smart board. And not as expensive as Apple's Ipad. I like it!

Jen said...

OMG! I want one.

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