Thursday, February 17, 2011

top 10...

...odd or brilliant DIY projects.

In my travels I have come across more than a few DIY
endeavors that can be labeled many things.

YOU Make the Call.

Cheating Deterrent.
I get the purpose, but not sure this is the best way to implement it.




A little bit o' genius. Right?!


Paper Bag Vase.

Yup. You read that correctly.
It's a juice box wrapped in a paper bag.

I'm not sure wether I should applaud the simplicity or just go with,
AYKMWT?! (are you kidding me with this)

Yes, you are correct--these are Duct Tape Shorts.
I'm not even going to give you the link to this since no one needs more of these ideas.



Do YOU have any odd/brilliant DIY projects?



Beth said...

OK, I wouldn't own the doll-limb coat rack, but I really love it.

Then again, I make cookies that look like ottomans, so what the hell do I know?

angelo said...

I hear what you're saying.

"A" for effort and creativity.

"A+" for creepy factor.

Cookies that look like ottomans, not so creepy.

Unless ottomans creep you out. That may be true for some people AND to those people I say, make a coat rack made of doll limbs.

Nancy from NJ said...

I actually like the plastic flatware chandeliers. Doll body part drawer pulls? Am I dense? I just don't get the square watermelons. And after working at Michael's, I've seen actual "duct tape"'d be surprised! Myself? Well I like the unexpected and slightly off way to decorate...then it's truly the one of a kind people nowadays crave, think? I made thick, wide wale corduroy, Royal Blue valances for my kitchen. Don't you know corduroy is for blazers and skirts?? Thanks for the interesting always

Anonymous said...

where or where do you find this stuff?! LOL i do think the light fixtures are quite ingenius.. and my son will make wallets, etc. out of duct tape.. but shorts.. i doubt! OH! there is a contest out there for people to make their entire prom dress & tux out of duct tape! :P
i draw the line at the doll appendages!

Vicki Flynn said...

Beth, I kind of figured Angelo would go for the cookies that looked like ottomans..LOL! Not bad!

The duct tape grandson would be in duct tape heaven!

I like the plastic chadeliers..really kind of neat looking!

I don't think the drawer pulls and coat rack made from doll hands, feet, etc. is for me...nada!

Beth said...

If only there were some clown crafts. Those'd creep out everybody.

Speaking of weird crafts, again, I wouldn't own it, but points for creativity:

I think one humid day in New York or Chicago would cure the duct-tape shorts guy of his affinity.

Oh, and Nancy, I believe the square watermelons started in Asia where space is at a premium. They fit more neatly into small refrigerators.

Vicki Flynn said...

First, I should proofread and spell chandeliers correctly..please pardon!

Great idea about the watermelons! That's why I always cut mine in chunks and put them in a bowl!

maxwellvintage said...

I like the paper bag vase. FABULOUS with a large large bouquet of field flowers. LOVE IT!

Angel Threads - NCG said...

Ah...the old 'not-enuf-room-in-the-fridge' thingy...thanks, Beth! And of course, ottoman shaped cookies for Mr. S (Sweet-Tooth), that's a good one and oddly enough, not a difficult thing to make?
Oh, and please don't ever mention the "C" word skin was crawling! Really!
Vicki ~ I had to go back and check my spelling too!

Samantha said...

Those are great and awful.

My dumbest DIY was trying to make an ottoman out of a slipcover and styrofoam.

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