Monday, March 7, 2011

awesome awesomeness...

Look at that face.

I'd make the trip across the pond to look at that preciousness and this very well designed and stocked pet store. Baxter would come along, of course.

The challenge with most pet stores is that they wind up trying too hard to be cute. This place seems to know that all that is adorable, is with your pet and the store is there as a new spin on classic looks. Embroidered blankets, hand-stitched leather goods, cotton pet beds, wooden feeding bowls, and of course treats. All in a beautiful British building.

They also sell to selected retailers in North America, Europe and Asia. You can check out more on their website MUNGO & MAUD



Beth said...


Doreen said...

I want the bowls!!!

mrsben said...

To coin an expression "Lucky Dog"!
:) -Brenda-

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