Tuesday, March 8, 2011

longman & eagle...

When an establishment's tag line is "eat. sleep. whisky." you can't help but have an instant reaction. Mine is--Yes, please.

It certainly helps that it's in one of my favorite cities and hometown, Chicago, and that it's a handsome looking place. Their web site offers plenty of info along with links to their blog, artists & friends and a bio on their Chef, Jared Wentworth.

Check them out on line, LONGMAN & EAGLE, or if you happen to be in my beloved Chicago, stop in for some food and whisky--maybe even a nap.



pve design said...

It is on my list when I go to Chicago this July!

Jen said...

It's on my list now as well! Great find.

Nancy Caryl Rea Geiger said...

Hi Angelo ~ Looks like an interesting place...is that a wreath hanging behind the pendant light or is it painted on the wall? It has such beautiful form! Also what's in those canning jars...I see the Bay Leaf on the right but cannot tell what's cookin'...lol! I can fresh produce in the summer and am always looking for new recipes. It looks like either cauliflower or mushrooms...some match stick carrots in there too...hmmm. Miss you on FB...I may be back some day -- Nancy

angelo said...

Hi Nancy-
The image is painted on the wall!
As far as what's in those jars, your guess is as good as mine. Ha! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

umm. YES, please is also my immediate response! :)

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