Monday, May 23, 2011

literally putting money into your home...

This is definitely a task that requires calling in some favors.

Order pizza, make a few dozen cookies or a giant cake for all your family and friends that you're going to need to help you complete the penny project.  

The final product will definitely give you a unique color hue, texture and something to talk about. Wether you've glued them onto a floor, or stuck them in cement and covered them in lacquer for a backsplash, the look will be worth the effort.

The old adage "see a penny, pick it up..." may not be as easy once you're done here. 



Beth said...

How silly of me. I've had my eye on penny tile lately when I all along I should have been thinking of actual pennies!

I did drill holes in pennies to use them as buttons once. But I needed to be thinking bigger.

I love these ideas! Thank you!

Leave a Trail... said...

Wow..amazing. Just pondering it's value if the government eventually does away with pennies!

Beth said...

I've been thinking about pennies all day. Is there a site from which you gleaned the penny images that details how to work with them? What kind of adhesive do I need? What kind of sealant? Are all lacquers created equal?

Help, I'm penny obsessed!

angelo said...

Ah yes, penny on the brain. It's a little known condition.

The images were found all over and none of them came with instructions. I will tell you that you can adhere them with super glue or gorilla glue. Or you can go ahed and directly place them into concrete before it sets. As far as a lacquer, you can use the kind to seal floors or countertops. You can find those at your local hardware store and the helpful peeps there can point you in the direction of the right epoxy, based on flooring or countertop use.

I poked around a bit and found this blog that has step by step process on covering a table. Enjoy!

angelo said...

Oops. Here's the link:

Beth said...

Don't you just hate it when Blogger eats comments?

The upshot of it was: Thank you.

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