Monday, May 2, 2011

where am i...

It seems like a trip to Seattle may be in order. Chef Matt Dillon's restaurant, The Corson Building, is set in a partly industrial area of Georgetown, yet if looks as if it could belong in the countryside of a European city. He, along with family and friends, peeled back time to expose the building's true brick structure. They also did the same to the surrounding grounds that are now home to a large brick oven, produce, bees and chickens. Good eats in a swell space are always on the agenda.


The Corson Building is a home, a restaurant, and a community. Dedicated to food and its direct connection to celebration, community, and culture. Providing one of the few human experiences we all have in common. Eating. Sharing at the table, we can open up our senses and our consciences to our place in the world, along with the place of our neighbors.

The Corson Building runs on a system of organic processes. Built on a foundation of relationships with our community of friends and teachers, hunters and farmers, importers and foragers, wine makers, fishermen, builders, artists, and activists, we work to celebrate food and the daily nourishment it provides.

All days are different at The Corson Building. Whether it's a menu for our dinners, a fundraiser, a cooking or wine workshop, an event, wedding, or just a good old party, we embrace this organic process, so within each day we can rejoice and reconnect with all who are involved.

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