Friday, June 17, 2011

friday getaway...

Remodelista writes:
Located in Cassis, an ancient fishing village on the French Mediterranean coast (not far from fabled haunts like St. Tropez and Cannes), La Suite Cassis is a small guesthouse owned by stylist Herbert Hufnagel. The interiors were "inspired by the architecture of 1950s Palm Springs," according to Hufnagel, with midcentury mod pieces by Eames mingling with African tribal pieces and a few 
French classics.

I say, I'm not a chill out and hang on the beach person, 
but I could make an exception!
It's France. Paris isn't that far away...

Happy Friday.



Beth said...

Dig the carved, wooden chairs!

Laura said...

I could live there.

M said...

Angelo, thanks for the tip. Haven't been to that particular guesthouse, but Cassis itself is one of those picture-perfect harbor towns that even has its very own official appellation of wine; I loved my one visit there. I love the fact that places like Cassis and Bandol are hardly known outside of France, what with most foreign tourists heading for the more famous resorts like St. Tropez, Cannes or Nice further east. Anyway, Cassis is very pleasant, and the even more pleasant Aix-en-Provence is only a 20-minute drive up the road. Go for it! :-)

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